Our Company:

We have been in business since 1888, serving Michigan with a variety of land services for over 50 years. Dr. Mary C. Feindt began working for the company in 1938 and in 1944 she become the owner of the company as an abstracter and registered land surveyor.

Charlevoix Abstract & Engineering Company became incorporated in 1965. The company became known as Advanced Geomatics (an assumed named representing Charlevoix Abstract & Engineering Company) in 1998. Since 1944 the company has been under a single family ownership.

Advanced Geomatics is proud to be certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Wayne County Airport Authority Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and is fully Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Survey Prequalified.

We use some of the most cutting edge technologies available on the market for surveyors today. From one man operated robotic total stations to RTK GPS, we have the equipment to get your project done on time and on schedule.

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Mary C. Feindt Scholarship

Mary Feindt

Dr. Mary C. Feindt

Our Professional Surveyors

Amy C. Feindt

Ms. Feindt is President of Advanced Geomatics. A great deal of her professional training was received directly under the supervision of her father, Lawrence R. Feindt, PS. She is well versed in procedural detail and experienced with ferreting out blunders to keep projects successfully on track. She actively sets standards and thrives to improve efficiency while maintaining a confident level of quality for Advanced Geomatics.

Lawrence R. Feindt

Mr. Feindt has spent his entire career with Advanced Geomatics, and received his early training under his late mother, Dr. Mary C. Feindt, a renowned Professional Surveyor and land title abstractor. Mr. Feindt has been in responsible charge of many of the surveying operations of Advanced Geomatics since 1974. He has served as the Charlevoix County surveyor since 2003 where he heads the public land corner remonumentation effort for the county. He has also been active with the Wayne County remonumentation program since 1993.