M-24 from Nepessing Street to Davis Lake Road

Project Location:

This project is located on M-24 from Nepessing Street northerly to north of Davis Lake Road in the city of Lapeer, Lapeer County. The project length is 1.7 miles.

General Project Description:

The work involved in the design of this project consists of the development and preparation of plans, details, specifications and cost estimates. The project scope includes cold milling with a two-course HMA overlay, joint repairs, traffic signal and ADA sidewalk ramp upgrades

Description of Survey Pick-up Performed:

The survey scope of work assigned to Advanced Geomatics for this project consisted full topographic mapping along M-24 from 200’ South of Nepessing Street to 1300’ North of Davis Lake Road. Survey tasks completed by AG for this project consisted of:

  • Establishing intermediate horizontal control points and vertical control bench marks.
  • Re-established the 1949 legal alignment for M-24 from Nepessing Street to Davis Lake Road.
  • Re-establish the legal & non-legal right-of-way limits for M-24 throughout the project limits.
  • Delineated both legal and non-legal right-a-way limits along M-24.
  • Compute abutting parcels limits for critical parcels within the city limits.
  • Recover and located PLSS/government corners crossing the project alignment.
  • Provided all final survey deliverables including CAD files on CD Rom.