I-94BL Jackson County

Project Location:
The project is located in the City of Jackson, Jackson County along Michigan Avenue (I-94BL) from Brown Street to Washington Street (Louis Glick Hwy). Additional scoping includes West Street (M-50) from Wildwood to Michigan Avenue (Us-12).

General Project Description:
Work included in the design of the project consists of the reconstructing the existing 4 and 5 lane roadway which includes replacement of concrete curb and gutter, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main, sidewalk, driveway approaches, city owned street lighting, and traffic signal modernization.

Description of Survey Pick-up Performed:
The survey scope of work assigned to Advanced Geomatics for this project consisted of full topographical mapping along West Street (M-50) from Michigan Avenue (I-94BL) to Wildwood Avenue. Additional survey data was to be merged with the existing survey completed by Rowe Incorporated for JN87789A(2007). Survey tasks completed by AG for this project consisted of:

  • Recovering existing project control irons and setting additional needed for mapping along M-50.
  • Performed intermediate control observations via conventional methodology.
  • Extending & merging previously established alignment for M-50 (JN79005C(2007)) by AG from Wildwood Ave. to Michigan Ave. (I-94BL).
  • Collected topographic mapping data for M-50 from Wildwood Ave. to Michigan Ave. (I-94BL).
  • Preformed full utility and drainage inventory for M-50 from Wildwood Ave. to Michigan Ave. (I-94BL).