I-75 Saginaw and Bay County

Project Location:

The project is located along I-75 from the North I-675 Junction northerly to 2,000 feet north of Crane Road, Saginaw County [0.863 miles in length].

Hydraulics Survey Specific Location:

The hydraulics location is at 2 Mile Road over Goetz Drain (local road 0.25 miles east of I-75) in Bay County.

General Project Description:

Work involved includes concrete reconstruction of I-75 along with median barrier wall, drainage enclosure and safety improvements, county road improvements for Crane Road, and for 2 Mile Road, hydraulics survey analysis Goetz Drain for the replacement of 2 Mile Road bridge of Goetz Drain.

Description of Hydraulics Surveys Performed:looking south at 120

  • Control – Established temporary mapping points (as needed) to perform the hydraulics survey cross section measurements, and two additional benchmarks for drain.
  • Property – Identified Riparian Ownership.
  • Mapping - Performed hydraulics survey for Goetz Drain under 2 Mile Road (Venoy Road)