Fred Meijer White Pine Trail

Project Location:
The project is located on Fred Meijer White Pine Trail bridges over Rice Creek and Tamarack Creek, in Montcalm County, Michigan County, Michigan.


General Project Description:
This project involves design plans for the removal of two steel girder/timber piling bridges and replacement with new substructure and prefabricated weathering steel through-truss superstructure with timber decking. The information contained in a recent scoping report and load rating analysis will be provided to the designer.

Description of Hydraulics Surveys Performed:

  • Control – Established intermediate control and vertical control bench marks at each creek crossing White Pine Trail.
  • Property – Identified Riparian Ownership.
  • Mapping - Performed hydraulics surveys for Tamarack Creek and Rice Creek under Fred Meijer White Pine Trail and Federal/Ensley Road. Additionally provided mapping for detour around the Rice Creek trail bridge crossing.